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Pathfinder Adventures Initial Preview Round-Up!

February 24, 2016 1:00 AM

Previews have started to come in for Pathfinder Adventures from various sites and people are excited!

"I’m really impressed with how everything turned out, and I’m excited for everyone else to get their hands on it at the end of March!"

"PACG has the potential to be the game that finally causes my wife to leave me."

"There is a term Dave and I throw around on occasion, “marriage killer.” This is a digital board game that we feel is the answer to all our digital gaming prayers. It is a game that offers hours and hours of gameplay, a game that is perfect solo or has an amazing online system, a game that we love and can see singing on mobile platforms. So far, Pathfinder Adventure Card Game seems to check most of these boxes."

"Frankly, even the starter is a heck of a lot of game and the space on my device is already reserved for the final release."